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CanVasc Objectives

The CanVasc group was officially created the 1st November 2010, in Toronto.

The proposed CanVasc objectives are to:

  1. organize a dedicated health and research network with identification of referral (multidisciplinary) centers across Canada for patients with vasculitis. Establishment and regular updates of Recommendations for the diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients is part of this objective.
  2. initiate, conduct, and promote studies (from CanVasc, VCRC or other vasculitis research groups) on vasculitides across Canada (epidemiological, observational, fundamental and, ultimately, therapeutic studies), using an efficient, established and rapidly mobilisable network. 
  3. develop educational and awareness programs for health care providers (training sessions, fellowship, annual meeting…).
  4. stand as the Canadian referral group to identify needs in vasculitis and consider new drug approvals for vasculitis in Canada (advisory group).


CanVasc core members




CanVasc administrative board

(elected for 4 years - maxi. 2 successive rotations)



President and founder: Dr. Christian Pagnoux

Vice-president and co-founder: Dr. Nader Khalidi

Secretary: Dr. Lillian Barra

Past president and co-founder: Dr. Simon Carette

Past Vice-president and founder: Dr. Christian Pagnoux

Past Secretary and co-founder: Dr. Nader Khalidi

CanVasc central office:


Division of Rheumatology
Mount Sinai Hospital and University Health Network
The Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Building
60 Murray Street,  Ste 2-220

Toronto, Ontario  M5T 3L9

Tel. 416-586-4800 Ext. 8549 or 5519

E-mail: or


CanVasc core members




Principal core members

Associated members



Dr. Christian Pagnoux;

Dr. Rae Yeung (Peds)

Dr. Simon Carette;

Dr. Heather Reich (Nephro);

Dr. Damien Noone (Ped. Nephro)


Dr. Nader Khalidi

Dr. Michael Walsh;

Dr. Gerard P. Cox;

Dr. Parameswaran Nair;

Dr. Sankalp Bhavsar (Burlington)


Dr. Nataliya Milman

Dr. Douglas C. Smith
Dr. Shaun Kilty (ENT);
Dr. Brendon McCormick (Nephr.);
Dr. Peter Magner (Nephr.);
Dr. Nav Voduc (Respi.);
Dr. Shawn Aaron (Respi.)


Dr. Tanveer Towheed;

Dr. Marie Clements-Baker

Dr. Michel Melanson (Neuro.);


Dr. Lillian Barra

 Dr. Susan Huang (Nephr.)


Dr. Leilani Famorca


Dr. Carter Thorne

Dr. Nooshin Samadi



Dr. Patrick Liang

Dr. Ariel Masetto;
Dr. Guylaine Arsenault


Dr. Michelle Goulet;

Dr. Christian Pineau

Dr. Yves Troyanov;

Dr. Evelyne Vinet;

Dr. Eric Rich;

Dr. Sonia Brachémi;

Dr. Maxime Rhéaume

Dr. Jean-Paul Mahkzoum 


Dr. Judith Trudeau;

Dr. Paul Fortin

Dr. David Philibert (Nephr.);

Dr. Renée Leclerc (méd. interne)


Trois Rivieres

Dr. Frédéric Morin


Nova Scotia


Dr. Volodko Bakowsky;

Dr. Christine Dipchand

Dr Colm McParland (Resp.)

British Columbia


Dr. Natasha Dehghan;

Dr. David Cabral (Peds)

Dr. John Esdaile;

Dr. Kim Morishita (Peds);

Dr. Kam Shojania;

Dr. Navjot Dhindsa (Richmond)

Dr. Barry Kassen;

Dr. Pearce Wilcox



Dr. Elaine Yacyshyn;

Dr. Dax G. Rumsey (Peds)

Dr. Alison Clifford;

Dr. Joanne Homik;

Dr. JW Cohen Tervaert;

Dr. Allan Murray (Nephr.)


Dr Aurore Fifi-Mah

Dr. Susan Benseler (Peds)

Dr Diane Mosher;

Dr. Corisande Baldwin;

Dr. Marinka Twilt (Peds);

Dr Charlene Fell (Resp.) ;

Dr. Louis-Philippe Girard (Nephr.)



Dr. David Robinson




Dr. Regina Taylor-Gjevre

Dr. Bindu Nair;

Dr. Jim Barton (Nehpr.);

Dr. Julian Midgley (Nephr. Peds)


Saint John's

Dr. Majed Khraishi


Download the updated and complete list of Principal Core, Associated and Affiliated members by clicking HERE


CanVasc Regular members

Regular members are defined as physicians other than those listed as core/associated/affiliated members (as listed above), as well as any other health care provider and/or persons with interest in vasculitis. Regular membership is voluntary, free and does not imply anything. You may receive some occasional information by email on the CanVasc meetings or studies, or invitation to participate to survey on vasculitis and/or CanVasc activities. Registration fees to attend the annual CanVasc meetings (if they are any registration fees) are usually lower for regular members. CanVasc is a non-profit scientific network. You will not receive any unsollicited mailing from other companies or groups. 


Registering as regular member is simple: just send us an email ( ), specifying your name, surname, profession, address AND full affiliations. 

CanVasc National Meetings

The first national scientific CanVasc meeting was held in Toronto the 10 June 2011. The 2nd was held on November 22nd, 2012, in Montréal, QC. The 3rd one was held on October 24, 2014 in Toronto. April 2015 was the ANCA workshop in London, UK; October 2015 was the CanVasc-Calgary symposium, with a subsequent one in October 2016; April 2017 was the Tokyo ANCA workshop. See meeting webpage for more information on the next meetings.

Support CanVasc!

We need help and funding support for ongoing CanVasc research and educational programs, you may send a donation to:

CanVasc - Vasculitis clinic

Mount Sinai Hospital

60 Murray Street, Suite 2-220

Toronto,Ontario M5T 3L9

Additional Information on CanVasc and Contact

For more information, feel free to contact us at



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