For physicians

The Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium is an integrated group of academic medical centers, patient support organizations, and clinical research resources dedicated to conducting clinical research in different forms of vasculitis. The website contain medical information for physicians, health care providers but also patients.

The FVSG (French Vasculitis Study Group) is a non-profit association created in 1981 by Prof. Loïc Guillevin. The FVSG's goals in the field of systemic vasculitides are to aid and promote research, diffuse updated information to doctors and patients, organize and coordinate therapeutic trials, and compile a registry of doctors and investigators working in the field of vasculitis.

European Vasculitis Study group (EUVAS) is the open collaborative research group of European physicians interested in research and education in vasculitis. The website provide some information on EUVAS activities.

Cleveland Clinic CME Website

The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education has been committed to sharing a wealth of knowledge with physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals across the country and all over the world for more than 75 years. This website contains rich educational material and updates on vasculitis and vasculitis research. is a website developed by Dr. Andy Thompson & Marlene Thompson (London, ON) to provide information for patients and physicians dealing with rheumatic disease. Many simple easy-to-use booklets on treatment, which can be given to help patients manage their treatment on a daily basis, are downloadable. 

BrainWorks is the online registry for children with inflammatory brain disorders (CNS vasculitis) developed by Dr. S. Benseler et al. in 2006.  

The Montreal (Quebec Province) reference center of excellence in vasculitis, member of the Canadian network CanVasc, with many interactive educational modules on vasculitis. 

For patients

(in addition to the last 3 websites listed above)

A partnership of the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium VCRC and the Vasculitis Foundation VF. The V-PPRN is an online project that has already enrolled more patients than ever studied in the past, from many countries in the world, and collect data online to break down barriers and involve patients in the research process so health information is easily shared with researchers.

VPPRN and a North American research group are conducting an international study on pregnancy in vasculitis. Every pregnant patient with vasculitis can enroll directly in this online study. They will be asked on a regular basis to provide, directly online and by themselves, some medical information on their pregnancy and how they are doing.

Patient support groups

Vasculitis Foundation Canada mission is to encourage and support research efforts for the cause and cure for all forms of Vasculitis. DOWNLOAD the VF Canada brochure.

The Vasculitis Foundation works to support positive change in the lives of people who live with vasculitis. VF is hosting every year an International Vasculitis Patient/Family Symposium, usually in July.

The French patient support group.