Webinars & Presentations

CanVasc webinars and downloadable presentations

Here are some of the webinars held by CanVasc and a few presentations given by CanVasc members during past meetings (sometimes modified and shortened, in order to respect confidentiality and not to disseminate unpublished results that have been presented orally at the meeting).


October 2022 webinar on EULAR Vasculitis Guidelines organized by CanVasc with Drs B Hellmich and L Barra

September 2022 webinar on ANCA Vasculitis, Management, and Serial ANCA Measurements organized by CanVasc with Drs J Tervaert and L Barra

June 2022 webinar on Updates from ANCA Workshop 2022 organized, by CanVasc with Drs. C Pagnoux, M Junek and N Dehghan

January 2022 webinar on EGPA and new treatment approaches, organized by CanVasc with Drs. N P Nair and N Khalidi

December 2021 webinar on PLEX and steroids in ANCA vasculitis, organized by CanVasc with Drs. M Walsh and A Mendel

November 2021 webinar on the treatment of renal ANCA vasculitis, organized by CanVasc with Drs. L. Barra and C Pagnoux

October 2021 webinar on New approaches to ANCA vasculitis, organized by CanVasc with Drs. S McAdoo and C Pagnoux

June 2021 webinar on ANCA vasculitis recommendations from CanVasc, organized by CanVasc with Drs. A Mendel and N Khalidi

April 2021 webinar on GCA, organized by CanVasc with Dr. JH Stone (moderator C. Pagnoux, panelists: Drs. Makhzoum, Khalidi, Clifford and Barra)

October 2020 webinar on Behcet's syndrome, organized by CanVasc with Dr. Y. Yazici (moderator C. Pagnoux)


VIDEO Teaching summaries (Dr. M Soowamber, 2021)

2018 Approach to vasculitis for GIM core residents  (Dr Pagnoux)

2017 ANCA Workshop update - summary (Dr Khalidi)

2015 Vasculitis update (post ASN and post ACR)

2014 CanVasc meeting (October 2014)

2013 International ANCA workshop Updates

2013 ACR Updates

2011-2012 REVISIT educationnal slides on ANCA vasculitis

November 2012, Annual CanVasc Meeting - Montreal (SHORTENED versions of some presentations)

November 2012 ACR Updates on vasculitides 

2012 Berlin EULAR/EUVAS update

  • EUVAS  (M. Twilt - shortened version)
  • EULAR  and new Chapel hill nomenclature (M. Twilt - shortened version)

2012 CRA Workshop on Vasculitis (sessions 1 and 2 merged)

First (2011) Annual CanVasc meeting