Ongoing Studies

Summary of ongoing studies in some Canadian centers

GPA on prednisone for maintenance TAPIR (website)
Relapsing non-severe GPA ABROGATE
Skin vasculitis ARAMIS (treatment), CUTIS (biopsy)
EGPA with GC-dependency >7.5 MANDARA (mepo vs benra)
EGPA (all) 5506 VCRC enhanced registry (any time)
AAV (all) PRAVDA (vitamin D - Sinai Toronto only)
GCA ABAGART (Spring 2022)
THEIA Guselkumab in GCA (Fall 2021)
All VPPRN registry (any time)
CanVasc database (anytime in CanVasc centers)
IgG4-RD MITIGATE VELA Bio (Spring 2021)
All+pregnant VPREG registry

If you need more detail on these studies or if you think that one of your patients could be eligible for any of these studies, do not hesitate to contact us as well (