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Address and contact info of CanVasc core member and center in Vancouver, BC

Dr. Kam Shojania

Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6Z 2C7
Phone: 604-806-9400 
Fax: 604-269-3736

Dr. Natasha Dehghan

1407-805 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z1K1
Phone: 604-428-2211 --- Fax: 604-428-4555

Dr. David Cabral (Peds)

BC Children's Hospital
4480 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3V4

Dr. Navjot Dhindsa

Richmond Hospital, Richmond BC

Dr. Daniel Ennis

Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul's Hospital
#802-1200 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z2C7

Colleagues and associated members in Vancouver (same centers)

Dr. Kim Morishita (Peds)

Dr. John Esdaile;
Dr. Barry Kassen;
Dr. Pearce Wilcox (Respi.) 
Dr. Phil Teal (Neuro.);
Dr. Adeera Levin (Nephr.);
Dr. Amin Javek (ENT);
Dr. Jan Dutz (Derm-rheum.);
Dr. Avina-Zubieta



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