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 Summary table of ongoing studies

GPA on prednisone for maintenance

TAPIR (website)

Relapsing non-severe GPA


Skin vasculitis

ARAMIS (treatment), CUTIS (biopsy)


VCRC cohorts (any time)


VCRC/VPPRN contact registry (any time)


CanVasc database (any time, in CanVasc centers)

PACNS (children)

BrainWorks (for children)

 To read more information on each study, click on the name on the study when a link is available and/or read below.

NOTE (July 2018): Inclusions in the ADVOCATE study are closed.

NOTE (February 2018): Inclusions in the DCVAS study are closed.

NOTE (1 October 2016): Inclusions in the PEXIVAS study are closed (704 patients enrolled worlwide). Treatment and follow-up of enrolled patients are ongoing. First results expected in early 2018. Visit the official trial website HERE .

If you still need more detail on these studies or if you think that one of your patients could be eligible for any of this study, do not hesitate to contact us as well (


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